L E S S O N  P H I L O S O P H Y


Mrs. Halbert has had many students over the years, and all of them have embraced music in some form or another in their lives since. She has had students attend summer programs such as Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and Interlochen Arts Camp as well as travel to Europe through programs like Blue Lake’s International Youth Orchestra. Her students have attended Solo and Ensemble and achieved high marks on both solo and chamber works. When teaching, she finds that learning by imitation is the most useful tool, though she does not believe that any one teaching technique can work for every student. Through the assignment of exercises and solo’s, she will help students to develop their own unique musicianship and artistry that can be applied to any creative endeavors they pursue in their lives. Her overall goal when working with students is helping them to achieve a greater confidence in themselves while aiding them in their artistic development.


Current Teaching Locations:


Voxman School of Music

93 E Burlington St

Iowa City, IA

(734) 476.7718




Iowa City, IA | kateyj89@gmail.com | (734) 476.7718

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